Uninstall XPS Viewer EP

Problem: Your current installation of XPS Viewer EP might not fully work. Printing, viewing, or creating documents in the .XPS file format is not functional in your PC.

Solution: Uninstall XPS Viewer from Windows permanently or to re-install XPS Viewer and fix most issues.

Step 1

Open the Control Panel in Windows by going to Start.

Step 2

Locate and open Add/Remove Programs within the Control Panel.

Step 3

A list of your currently installed programs will load within a few seconds. Locate any listing containing XPS Viewer EP.

Step 4

Highlight the listing for XPS Viewer EP and select Uninstall from the menu at the top of the listing. After successful completion, restart the computer. If you need to re-install, go to our XPS Viewer site to download the appropriate installer. Run the installer after restarting your computer.




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