Philosophy 101: Why?

To the college student: Take a hard look at your college ID card. That sheet of precious polymers is worth thousands of dollars and oodles of fun. Our job is to help you unlock that potential. With the right know-how and attitude, you can join us in reaping the benefits of being the indebted and sleep-deprived college students we are. College happens, make the best of it.

To anyone else: Welcome! Okay, so you don't have a college ID card, don't worry! We have enough resources here that you're bound to come across something that you'll make good use of. So go on, explore.


History 2B: From the Beginning

Hewsoft was founded in June of 2004 by Mario Magaña and Nicholas Ramos. Its purpose was to educate the community about the growing technological influence. As we continued to grow and expand our share of experiences, we developed resources and services that best fit that mission. Starting with a single operations unit, Media, Hewsoft was solely responsible for yearly video productions aimed at social and education venues. In 2005, Hewsoft had its largest organizational expansion. This was matched with two new units, Web and Originals. Previous Media video production-related operations moved into the new Originals unit as Originals was to deal with all in-house creative productions, while Web with all Internet and technology-related mediums and services, including maintenance of the Hewsoft website, and finally Media with maintaining a catalog of multi-medium resources to make them easily accessible via the website. For about four years, there were no major changes to the brand and structure of Hewsoft. Then, in the spring of 2009, a major project was announced to rebrand and restructure Hewsoft.
Hewsoft_LogoThe three main units remained, but with very different goals. A new logo was unveiled during the summer of 2009; the first major refresh of the original conception from 2004. Soon after, Hewsoft launched its brand new website, built completely from the ground up so that it could fully comply with modern web coding and multi-browser and platform standards. With an upgraded mission focused around the modern college student, the Hewsoft Social, Dashboard, and Sandbox brands were developed to deliver the new message. With various Hewsofties (guys and gals who run Hewsoft) studying at the University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA was the first college campus to be supported by Social and Dashboard, two brands with a focus on local and college-specific services. However, there are current plans to add the University of California, Santa Barbara [UCSB], University of California, Riverside [UCR], University of California, San Diego [UCSD], and the University of Southern California [USC].


Economics 10: Funding

As you may have noticed, we currently don't offer products for sale. That is not our active goal. We employ certain online advertising mechanisms across our site to fund just enough resources to keep the site running.



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