Change is coming to

New focus and goal to launch this summer

LOS ANGELES, CA, -- February 20, 2011 -- After nearly five years of continued and devoted service, Hewsoft is exploring massive change in its direction as an Internet brand.

"For the past five years, we have delivered outstanding resources to our guests in an effort to enhance the computing experience. We want to do more. The next five years need to be even more than that. This summer, we will re-launch the Hewsoft brand with a new focus and goal." - Mario Magana, CEO and Chairman

In an effort to make the transition to the new Hewsoft brand and website design as effective and easy for our guests, certain pages on the current site will begin to shut down and be removed within the next couple of weeks. Major and popular sites such as the XPS site and others will remain fully functional and ad-supported. now powered by online advertising

Google AdSense will power Hewsoft's online advertising system

OXNARD, CA, -- September 12, 2008 -- will now officially begin displaying ads across units and pages to better support the Hewsoft goal.

Currently, only the Home and XPS Viewer site display ads. We are working hard to make the ads as relevant to our visitors.


Hewsoft political team endorses Hillary Clinton

During the most critical period of the presidential election, political team cites "experience and readiness" for reasons in decision

OXNARD, CA, -- May 11, 2008 -- After a series of vote sessions and debates, the political team at has agreed to officially announce an endorsement for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate. This comes during the toughest time for the candidates in what has become a very close primary election season.

"We at Hewsoft have certain values and share common interests. Hillary Clinton just seemed to believe in what we believe in; a move-forward attitude with the experience and passion to carry out change and promising results. For those and many other reasons, we're very happy to announce our endorsement of Hillary Clinton for presidency. We wish Mrs. Clinton the best of luck and support." - Mario Magana, CEO and Chairman





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