'UCLA' to 'Hollywood'

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start: strathmore pl. / gayley ave. (sw corner) 
end: hollywood blvd. / highland ave. (sw corner)

lines: Metro Local 2 or Metro Rapid 302 (bus headsign: 'downtown la')
estimated fare total: $2.50 (round-trip)
estimated time travel: 30 - 60 min. (one-way)
walking required: yes - about 2/3 mile

gets you to

  • hollywood & highland shopping centre

  • grauman's chinese

route and directions

Route setup

  • Stage 1: Walk 5 to 10 minutes to arrive at gayley/strathmore bus stop.

  • Stage 2: Take metro orange 2 or 302 'downtown la'.

  • Stage 3: Arrive at sunset/highland stop and walk up Highland Avenue two city blocks to arrive at Hollywood Boulevard.

  • Stage 4: Walk to desired destination.

  • Stage 5: Return to UCLA.

Stage 1

  • From De Neve Plaza

    • Walk to De Neve's main entrance (in front of crossing leading to Bruin Walk) and arrive at Charles E. Young Drive W.

    • Walk downhill on Charles E. Young Drive W. (passing tennis courts on left) to arrive and turn right onto to Strathmore Place.

    • Turn left on Gayley Avenue and immediately cross the street to your right to arrive at the Gayley Avenue/Strathmore Place Metro bus stop (with the 2 and 302 on the bus street sign and no bench).

Stage 2

  • Wait for the bus (maximum wait time of 30 minutes) and wave to the bus driver when you see a "2" or "302" bus coming your way. They will NOT stop if you don't signal your presence, trust us, we've learned the hard way.

  • Get your $1.25 ready and climb aboard. Remember to always make the seats toward the front of the bus available to any elderly or disabled rider if all other seats are taken.

  • Bus ride should take no longer than 1hr, longer times expected during rush hour.


  • Pay attention to either the automated computer voice or LED screen for the Higland stop. There should be a Carl's Jr. Jr at the upcoming street corner and a high school to your left. Pass the Carl's Jr. Jr. and you've gone too far.

  • Pull the stop request cable to signal the bus driver to stop at the upcoming stop.

  • Exit using the rear doors. If the doors aren't open, kindly but loudly, ask the driver to open the rear doors.

  • Cross Sunset Boulevard to the Hollywood High School corner and continue walking up Highland Avenue.

  • Walk for two blocks. First block will end marking the end of the high school. Next block should be shorter and will end with a gift shop at the corner.


  • From this corner, you should be able to see the Hollywood and Highland mall across the street to your left. Further down, the Grauman's Chinese theatre is located.


  • Return to Highland Avenue and walk back down in the direction of the high school in front of the bus stop you used. Once you get to the corner with the Hollywood High School sign, cross Highland Avenue to your left where you will find a bust stop bench (the Carl's Jr. Jr. lies across the street).

  • Wait for a "2" bus with 'UCLA' in the LED headsign on the front. There will be more than one "2" buses, but waiting for one that says 'UCLA' is best. Once one arrives, wave to the driver and ask if it's going to Ackerman Terminal or to which location near UCLA. Do this as you are paying your fare and being enough inside so he/she may close the doors or with enough space for other people to get in. Once he/she lets you know where by UCLA the bus stops,  acknowledge the location and make sure you get off on the location nearest UCLA or at Ackerman Terminal. TIP: All "2" busses returning from Hollywood should at least stop in front of the Best Buy by UCLA. If the bus driver said that he will not drive into Ackerman, this is your best stop.

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