'UCLA' to 'Culver City Studios'

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start: westwood blvd. / weyburn ave. (nw corner) 
end: venice blvd. / bagley ave. (se corner)

lines: santa monica 12 (bus headsign: 'PALMS-ROBERTSON BL-WESTWOOD')
estimated fare total: $.50 (round-trip) (with bruincard)
estimated time travel: 30 - 60 min. (one-way)
walking required: yes - about 2/3 mile

gets you to

  • bonnie hunt show

route and directions

Route setup

  • Stage 1: Walk 5 to 10 minutes to arrive at gayley/strathmore bus stop.

  • Stage 2: take big blue bus 12 'PALMS-ROBERTSON BL-WESTWOOD'.

  • Stage 3: Arrive at venice/bagley stop and walk down one block to canfield avenue.

  • Stage 4: Walk to studio.

  • Stage 5: Return to UCLA.

Stage 1

  • from ackerman / ucla store direction

    • Walk in the direction of bus terminal and continue walking down Westwood Boulevard (passing UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital on right).

    • Arrive at Westwood Boulevard / Le Conte Avenue intersection (with Burger King directly in front of you).

    • cross the intersection using the diagonal crosswalk to remain on westwood blvd.. walk down one city block to arrive at the westwood blvd./weyburn ave. big blue bus stop (with several benches and CVS up ahead).

Stage 2

  • Wait for the bus (maximum wait time of 30 minutes) and wave to the bus driver when you see a "12" big blue bus coming your way. They will NOT stop if you don't signal your presence, trust us, we've learned the hard way.

  • Get your $.25 and bruincard ready and climb aboard. Remember to always make the seats toward the front of the bus available to any elderly or disabled rider if all other seats are taken.

  • Bus ride should take no longer than 1hr, longer times expected during rush hour.


  • Pay attention to either the automated computer voice or LED screen for the bagley ave. stop. the bus should be about to turn left on venice blvd..

  • Pull the stop request cable to signal the bus driver to stop at the upcoming stop. the bus stop should have two benches and a roofed bench.

  • Exit using the rear doors. If the doors aren't open, kindly but loudly, ask the driver to open the rear doors.

  • begin to walk in the direction that the bus is heading down as it is leaving you. turn right on canfield avenue.


  • canfield avenue will become ince boulevard after one block. continue walking until having gone little past krueger street on your left. the entrance to the designated studio and the hopefully not-so-long line of people will be to your right.


  • Return to your arrival's bus stop. exactly across the street from that bus stop is the return bus stop (one or two benches).

  • wait for the same bus line that brought you to culver city, a "santa monica 12 (headsign: "PALMS-ROBERTSON BL-WESTWOOD").

  • when you are back in westwood after a good 40 minutes to 1 hour ride, Pull the stop request cable to signal the bus driver to stop at the upcoming westwood blvd./le conte ave. stop (right by burger king). You're home.

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